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Encouraging Facts About Substance Abuse Disorders

Substance abuse disorders can quickly make your life spiral out of control, but there are encouraging facts you should know about regarding recovery. Read on to learn about treatments that can help you live a long-term, sober life.

The fallout from substance abuse disorders is featured in the news almost daily, but there are still encouraging things to consider for those who are ready to deal with their addiction to drugs or alcohol.

At InSynch Health in Beaumont, Texas, our dedicated physicians specialize in the management of substance abuse disorders. We offer a range of solutions to fit your needs, so you can recover successfully and embrace long-term sobriety.

What to know about substance abuse disorders

A substance abuse disorder describes the repeated misuse or abuse of substances even when it causes negative consequences to your health, relationships, or finances. People often continue to use substances because quitting can seem too difficult and because of the withdrawal symptoms.

These complications usually result from the changes that occur in the brain due to substance abuse. Both alcohol and drugs stimulate your brain’s reward center, which triggers intense cravings for more substances.

Our providers specialize in the treatment of substance abuse disorders involving:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Inhalants
  • Stimulants
  • Marijuana
  • Hallucinogens
  • Benzodiazepines

We can also address underlying mental health conditions, such as bipolar disorder and anxiety, which can occur alongside substance abuse disorders. If left untreated, mental health issues can ultimately cause people to return to drugs or alcohol as a self-medication strategy.

Encouraging facts about recovery

While substance abuse disorders can be difficult on both the person using the drugs or alcohol and on those who love the person, the good news is that recovery is possible. In order to achieve sobriety, you have to have access to the right tools.

InSynch Health provides comprehensive care that can address all factors that influence your desire to misuse drugs or alcohol, including mental health issues, relationship challenges, peer pressure, and life stressors. By recognizing everything that plays into your addiction, you can be better equipped to overcome a substance abuse disorder.

We offer real tools you can start using right away to stop using drugs and alcohol, including:


Psychotherapy — also called talk therapy — can help you recognize how your behaviors and thought processes are impacting your life. We can provide you with effective strategies to address trauma, conflicts, and other factors that may be contributing to your misuse of substances.


Medications can help you control your cravings for drugs or alcohol, so you can successfully detox your body. We can also provide medications to help ease the severity of your withdrawal symptoms to prevent a relapse.

Additionally, medications may be part of your treatment plan for mental health conditions. By stabilizing your moods and alleviating anxiety and depression, you can gain a new outlook on your life as a sober person.


Another encouraging fact about recovery is that there are many services that can help your loved ones support you on your journey. Addressing substance abuse disorders as a family unit can strengthen your bond and ensure you have the support you need to overcome the challenges of your substance abuse disorder. Our providers would be happy to share resources with you and your loved ones.

You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling life. If you’re ready to get help for a substance abuse disorder, call 409-248-2979 or book an appointment online with InSynch Health today.

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