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5 Ways Unmanaged Bipolar Disorder Affects Your Daily Life

The severe mood swings of bipolar disorder can affect every area of your life and the lives of your loved ones. Learn more about five areas of life that may be impacted the most, so you don’t put off getting the help you need.

If you have bipolar disorder, you’re not alone. This mental health condition affects about 5.7 million Americans, and its symptoms can interfere with a sufferer’s daily routine and overall quality of life.

At InSynch Health, our highly skilled medical specialists are experts in helping people manage bipolar disorder. In this blog, they explain the basics of bipolar disorder and discuss five ways this condition can interfere with daily life.

The basics of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes wide-ranging mood swings, from extreme sadness (depression) to euphoria (mania).

During manic periods, you may feel very productive, full of energy, and very happy. You may have a lot of motivation to get things done and have trouble sleeping because you feel wired.

Depressive episodes cause periods of very low moods, persistent sadness and hopelessness, and fatigue. These symptoms can make it difficult to focus, meet your responsibilities, or take care of yourself.

This condition is often treated with oral medications. However, new therapies are emerging, such as ketamine infusion therapy, which has helped many people with treatment-resistant bipolar disorder find relief.

5 ways your life is affected by unmanaged bipolar disorder

Here are five ways unmanaged bipolar disorder can affect your day-to-day life:

  1. Suicidal ideation

The most serious side effect of chronic, unmanaged bipolar disorder is the increased risk for self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Persistent low moods can feel so overwhelming that some people consider hurting themselves, isolating themselves, or ending their life out of hopelessness.

  1. Poor quality sleep

The high energy and happy moods of bipolar disorder can make getting quality sleep difficult. You may have too much energy to rest, or you may sleep for only short periods of time.

A lack of sleep can affect your health at every level. Ongoing sleep deprivation can affect your cardiovascular health, kidney function, and blood pressure. You may also struggle mentally with concentration and making decisions if you’re always tired.

  1. Relationship conflicts

The challenges of bipolar disorder may not only affect you, but they may also negatively impact your family, friends, and other relationships. During manic episodes, your high energy levels and erratic behavior may be a turnoff for others.

When you’re in a depressive episode, you may lose interest in interactions with others and avoid people, places, and events. Your loved ones may have a hard time understanding your actions, or they may take them personally.

  1. Work challenges

Unmanaged bipolar disorder may affect your ability to perform the duties required by your job and may increase your risk for conflicts among your colleagues or being let go by your employer.

Bipolar symptoms can also make finding a job difficult. If you’re on the hunt for work, depressive episodes may limit the effort you make during your job search.

  1. Destructive behaviors

Bipolar disorder symptoms can lead to self-destructive behaviors that affect your ability to care for yourself and manage your responsibilities.

For instance, people experiencing manic episodes may engage in risky behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption, self-cutting, or impulsive sex. These behaviors can be harmful not only to your physical health but also to your long-term mental and emotional health.

If you have bipolar disorder and want treatment, we can help. To learn more, call 409-248-2979 or book an appointment online with InSynch Health today.

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